Banana and Platain

Banana and plantain are the important staple foods that are critical to the nutritious and economic well being of millions of people of almost 150 countries of the globe. 
India is the largest producer of banana contributing almost 30 % of the global production of banana with a production more than 30 million tons from about 0.88 million hectares. In India, banana is commercially grown in more than 20 states in the regions from the humid tropics to humid subtropics and semi arid tropics.
Banana is most important fruit crop, both from the perspective of farmers as well as consumers. It provides highest returns to the farmers among the crops and high calorific nutrition to consumers . Thus, with increasing demand, area and production has been increasing reaching to 30 million tons annually. India has made rapid stride in production of banana through technological interventions. Technologies are also available which require to be adopted for quality assurance. Intensive research and development efforts are required to maintain our leadership in production and get appreciable share in banana trade. Profitable banana farming can be done by adopting high yielding varieties coupled with modern and hi-tech production technologies. Post harvest losses can be minimized by adopting improved post – harvest handling practices and value addition, thereby the fresh banana and processed products can be stored for long time without deterioration in quality, which ultimately paves way for strengthening the value chain of banana. Diversification into product development will create additional rural employment and also improve the nutritional and livelihood security of banana producers and consumers. Thus, value chain management derives all the benefits of the supply chain and then develops capabilities for increasing the profitability in a suitable manner by applying and adopting suitable technological innovations. 
India is a largest producer of banana and the state of Maharashtra is a leader. Jalgaon is playing a leadership role both in production and profitability. Although the country is a largest producer, export is negligible owing to quality of produce where bed management and bunch management play a significant role. Balanced nutrition based on soil test and leaf nutrient status become important. In balanced nutrition, Sulphur and micronutrients are critical. Although, micronutrients are needed in very small quantity, their  deficiency can cause a great loss, not only for quality but in production and profitability as well.