Crop Special

BT Cotton Special.

Amino acids and short term peptides  required for healthy growth of plants. ample is an amino acid based bio stimulant specially formulated to enhance the yield & quality  of cotton, fruit crops, vegetables etc. Application of ample results in almost 20 to 40 % increase over normal yield and increase in staple length & uniform boll size of cotton.

Benefits :-
ample is derived from vegetable origin sources, hence it is non poisonous and non hazardous ample is eco-friendly. ample helps to increase pest & disease tolerance which reduces cost of spraying pesticides & crop remain healthy.

Dose :-
Foliar Spray :-

Mix 2-3 ml / ltr of water.

Dilute 200 to 500ml of ample in sufficient quantity of water for spray per acre. Spray during early vegetative growth stage, flowering stage & fruit development stage. (Three Spray required).

Compatibility :-
ample is compatible with almost all pesticides except those with alkaline in nature.

Do not mix with Copper / Sulfur compounds. Spray during early vegetative growth, flowering & fruit development stages.

Packing :- 250 ml,  500 ml,  1 Ltr, 5 Ltr,  10 Ltr,  20 Ltr.

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