Chilling Injuri

12 0 to 40 0 C temperature favors Banana crop. In winter when temperature

falls below 12 0 C some adverse effects are noticed.


  1. As temperature of 140C to 30 0C is suitable for planting tissue cultured plants decideplanting time taking into consideration prevailingtemperature for proper establishment of plants. Sept-October is more appropriate, healthy uniform well grown with one ft. height and properly hardened plants be used.


  1. Extreme cold affects root growth. New roots are not formed and due to inadequate water and nutrient absorption crop growth slows down. Use of Potash and Sulphur (Thiogreen) gives the protection to crop from severe cold.


  1. Due to slowed growth only 2-3 new leaves emerge per month instead of 3-4. Leaves emerge at less distance and bunch of leaves is formed. Photosynthesis is reduced. Hindrances in emergence of flower. If temperature goesdown below  70C chlorophyll formation is affected, growth slowed and productivity reduced. In such case Probion 500 ml and Zincabor 1 lit per 1000 plants be given through drip which will enable plant to grow even during cold weather.


  1. During winter growth rate goesdown, bunch maturity period is extended. Hence do not cut active leaves of banana. Let the dried leaves be attached aroundpseudostem.Give mulching near stem. Irrigate during night hours. Remove banana flower after complete bunch has comeout and thinning of hands be taken. In night burn debris around plantation to create smoke.


  1. Plant wind breaks around plantation. Apply FYM, compost and Rootanza( Mycorrhiza) as per recommendations. Control Sigatoka and Cigar endrot diseases, avoid N, Mg, S and Fe deficiency.


  1. Due to low temperature blackish brownlesions appear on pesudostem and bunch stalk. Bunch growth slows down or bunch is slippedor concern out from pseudostem. Leaves turn yellow and start burning from tip. Use mulching to avoid this.


As severe cold affects banana, very high temperature also has adverse effects, hence to protect the crop from such adverse temperature, use of Rootanza is must in banana crop.