Role of nutrients in Banana and their need






Protein synthesis, crop growth and higher productivity, foliage emergence and growth, Bunch quality improvement, such as production.




Uniform need in all

Shape of crop growth.


Cell division and root growth, To build mechanism in plant system to make plant, strong.

Lessquantity but in all the stages of any growth.


Sugar translocation, stomatal movement, enzymes synthesis. To create resistance for plant diseases.

In all states of plant growth. About 80 % use in stage prior to flowering. Only initial stage in crop growth give less and at 1 month before flowering and after flowering increase the quantity and at fruit maturity reduce the quantity.


To make cell walls strong. To provide resistance for diseases.

Calcium absorption is taken mainly shooting or shot stage. After shortly no calcium is absorbed in bunch. Calcium is mainly used for fruit production before period of shooting stage.


Synthesis of essential  amino acids.( Systene and Methonene)

Sulphur is mainly used and absorbed from sprouting stage to shooting stage. After shooting Sulphur absorption is reduced.


In Chlorophill formation

In less quantity during all

Stages of any growth.


Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll formation.



Essential in plant photosynthesis activity.



Cell wallstructure / arrangement, Growth pollen tube and increase its length sugar translocation, Help in various stages of plant growth.



Synthesis auxim in plants.



To encourage different stages and stimulate nitrogen stages production in plants.





Major component of nitrate reductase and nitrogenane enzymes.



Capacity level of banana for nutrients applied.


Major nutrients

Potash > Nitrogen > Calcium > Magnesium > Phosphorous.


Micro nutrients

Manganese > Iron > Boron > Zinc > Copper



40 T production of banana for a hectare remove 250 kg N, 60 Kg, P, 1000 Kg K, 140 Kg Mg and 15 Kg S. Accordingly based on soil test, results and varietal yield potential, we can decide the fertigation new of crop. Agri Banana can help the farmer for then and give proper guidance to farmers.