Safety Alaram

During June 2017 the Grand Nain banana crop grown in Sohaval area of Faizabad district noticed affected with Tropical Race 4 of Fusarium wilt. Similar infestation was noticed in Katroli, Magalasi and Muksungunj areas of Ayodhya district and also in Maharajganj, SantKabirNagar, Kushinagar and Sitapur district of U.P. and in Katihar, Purnia, Bhagapur, Vaishali and Naugochiya districts of Bihar state, which fetched huge damage in banana crop. All these areas grow only Grand Nain variety. Due to lack of proper plant protection the disease could not be fully controlled and farmers were compelled to shift to other crops. CSSRI and CISH made various tests and studies to conclude that disease could be controlled by using biofungicides. This is safety alarm for banana growers of Maharashtra and they should start using biopesticides and bio fertilizers in Banana production. ‘Agribanana’ can help farmers to get soil tested and adopt suitable remedial measures.

Further some pests and diseases which are not common in Maharashtra but prevail in other parts of world also made their appearance at some places. For this ‘Agribanana’will help farmers for getting appropriate guidance and preventive measures to be taken to avoid such upcoming problems of banana.


Recently CMV has made severe appearance in banana plantation to avoid this use of only certified plants and proper control of aphids is essential.

Due to excess and heavy rains soil and banana crop has been drastically affected where use of bio fertilizers in large quantities has become essentials.