Use of Agri Search Products

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Benefits in Banana Crops




For strong growth of the crop,organic nitrogen and micronutrient in chelated forms are  available to the crop. More chlorophyll synthesis improves production,improve and better fruit quality are added benefits.





Supply of calcium and amino acids to the crop improve quality of fruitsand shelf life is increased.      

Release EDTA


Supply of EDTA chelated micronutrients to the crop improve the yield and quality of the crop through increased vigor.


The micronutrients which are easily soluble in water, available both in liquid and powder formsalso supply magnesium, helping for increased production and quality.      



Mainly supply zinc, boron and calcium which help to increase production of auxins and improve the productivity and quality. Reduction in cracking and increased sweetness of fruits. It does not have any adverse or detrimental effect on the crop as sodium ions are absent.      



Fertilizer with 6 % chelated iron for soil application.  Improves photosynthesis. Best option of Iron supply in alkalineand calcarious soils and suitable for fertigation with other nutrients.    


Organic nutrient containing 95% potassium humate, effective for germination, root growth and plant growth.Effective in absorption of macro and micronutrients.    




Release Calcium

Fertilizer containing 15% nitrogen and 19% calcium support for crop growth, but not to be applied with phosphatic  watersoluble fertilizers andmicronutrients in sulfate form.    


100 % water soluble Potassium shonite. Helpsbetter root growth. Naturally Protects crop  against abiotic  stress caused by climate change. Helps to increase starch and sugar levels in fruits. Can be given along with other macro and micro nutrients.    


Amino acid based product to boost plant growth. Improves photosynthesis, increases tolerance for diseases. Crop can   withstand climate change and help in early crop maturity.



Sanchar- 40

It is a potassium salt of phosphonic acid that enhances the resistance for diseases in the crop. If used in the  ​​Sigatoka prone area the crop is protected from disease.        



90% water soluble micronizedSulphur, can be used to increase absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, zinc, manganese, boron, iron, copper and molybdenum. Protects the crop from chilling injury.    



Help increased  yield and quality of the crop by increasing the availability of nutrients.It contains 13.44 % protein and 1 % acetylioprotein which improves fruit setand protects the crop from  abiotic stresses. Spray 3 times @240 ml per acre on banana at 3 months, 7 monthsand after50%  bunch maturity stage.  



Micronutrient containing 20% boron, improve fruit quality. Helps sugar translocation and auxins production in plants. Suitable for Fertigation and Spraying.    




Natural biostimulant which contain about 65.5% amino acids. Help to recover crop  from damage caused by diseases, pests or other reasons.Can be given through fertigation and spraying. It can be used along  with all commonly used pesticides and  bio fertilizers.




Gibberellic acid based crop growth regulator. Improves growth and quality. The crop increases its ability to withstand  abiotic stresses.  




Works as contact fungicide and miticide.Leaves no stains after spraying on fruits.          



Orsil is Super grade adjuvant. Maintain pH of spray solution and improves efficiency of pesticides and foliar fertilizers. Can be mixed with all kinds of pesticides and fertilizers.



Fixer - AG

Fixer AG is a  high quality non ionic spray adjuvant used along with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and foliar fertilizers to increase their efficacy. It maintains pH of spray solution.


Agriplex OA

When used in case of high pH of soil and water, improves cation exchange capacity and improves the nutrient availability to crops for higher productivity.



Gives protection to bunches from scorching sun.



Increased activity of Mycorrhiza in soil helps better plant growth and gives protection from biotic and abiotic stresses.